What you see above is me. Me in black and white, actually. But you already knew that. I mean, you knew that the picture was in black and white. Literally. No gray tones here. Actually, this picture was a mistake. I was messing with one of my captured photos and accidentally saved it as b/w. Somehow I liked the result and decided to keep it. Nice story, eh?

Anyway, enough about me... Hold on, actually now I'm going to START talking about me. Me me me me me me me... Hmmm, that word sounds kind of weird.

But, I'm digressing. As we all know, we all like to talk about ourselves. No point in denying it. I am no exception.

On second thought, let's not talk about me. It's boring. Let's have a few words about this site. The following FAQ section is going to explain the thing a bit (naturally, this section is made up, since of course no one has ever asked a single question (even if they wanted, they couldn't, since the site (at the time of this writing) has not been uploaded yet)).


Q: Dragon's Vampire? What kind of a crappy name is that?

A: Glad you like it! I made it up. I am sooo proud of it!

Q: Who are you anyway?

A: I promised not to talk about myself, but since you asked... My name's Aleksandar, I was born in July, 1979. I study mathematics and computer science in a small crappy country called Bosnia And Herzegovina. My interests include movies, music, sports, religion, creating & playing adventure games, etc.

Q: What is this site about?

A: As you can see, nothing in particular. It is just something that gives me an opportunity to put various kinds of crap on the Internet. There are still very few things here, but hopefully I'll hold an interest in updating and similar stuff. So come here often!!!!!

Q: Are you hungry?

A: Yes, definitely. I'll have to eat something. But, on second thought, first I'm going to connect to Internet and stop with this Q&A crap.

All material on this site is under copyright. This means that you can't copy, paste, steal, borrow, lend, burn or hack anything without the author's permission. If you do so, you will be subjected to horrible torturing, like tickling with a feather or sitting on a comfortable chair. You have been warned.

Copyright (C) 2004. by Aleksandar Janjic