OK, so you're here and you wish to contact the maker of this mess. Good! I love to read new e-mail, especially if it's about getting easy money while I sleep or increasing the size of you-know-what safely and naturally and similar things.

There are two things you need to do before writing an e-mail. First, if you want to comment on something that's on the site, make sure your shoe size is larger than the square root of your aunt's truck's registration plate number. Second, if you want to send your own article, review, etc. make sure that the exactly same article doesn't already exist in any of the existing parallel universes. And the third, if you want to ask question about something (anything), first check is your water for coffee boiling, then ask anything you like (unless it's related to refrigerators, dinosaurs, vampires, werewolves, dragons or something else).

Now that we cleared that up, I'm glad to post my e-mail address for everyone to see it, especially the spammers who never fail to deliver me their beautiful and informative mails about my credit card or stock market or free XXX pictures:

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