OK. This is the links... collection. My goal is to make this the best resource for links on the whole Internet, so that you never need to visit any other website. Ever. Sure, this will take some time, like a million years, but why let such small obstacles get in your way? Here we go:

MOVIES - Remember that movie called The 'Burbs with Tom Hanks? Well, I consider that one to be one of the best movies ever made, and certainly the best comedy ever. Check out this site and especially pay attention to the message board, lots of nice people there (myself included, bwahaha!). - This needs no comments, but if you came from the Moon or something, it's the most complete movie database on the Net.

MUSIC - The official site of one of the best bands ever, Jethro Tull.

ADVENTURE GAMING - If you by any chance happen to like adventure games, this URL is your man (yes, I know an URL can't be your man, since it is not a living creature, but I like to use that stupid phrase). It's the home of Adventure Game Studio, the best adventure game creator EVER! Even an idiot like myself can easily create his own game. Here you can find lots and lots of games made by people from all over the world and some of them simply rule. The beauty of the AGS engine is that it's completely free, relatively small in size and easy to understand. The man who created this engine is Chris Jones (no, not the guy who plays Tex Murphy).

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